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by Doug Warren on August 09, 2017

Flash #28
Writer: Joshua Williamson
Artist: Carmine Di Giandomenico
Colors: Hi-Fi
Publisher: DC Comics
I might be old school, and if you disagree with my next statement, feel free to take this whole review with a grain of salt, but I am tired of DC turning all of their heroes into whiny little emo kids. I can see trying to reach a different audience, but when you reduce the characters to that level, it just takes something away from them. It's made me become unable to participate in the classic Marvel vs. DC arguments anymore because everything that I lauded about DC has changed. 
This is the first issue in a new story arc. As such, we didn't get too much story, just a lot of setup. Flash's powers don't work as they used to, and there are other problems he can't control, which has him questioning everything he's done. A new protagonist, Negative-Flash, is introduced. The problem? Negative-Flash isn't the typical comic book villain we are used to. He is the Flash. Literally. And not only does it affect his ability to save Central City, the town he loves, it also is affecting his career and personal life, which is already in tatters due to unrelated circumstances. It appears that Barry Allen may have more of an emotional, inner fight before we get to see a physical confrontation. 
Barring what I said in the first paragraph, the issue shows potential to be the launch of a very unique and interesting arc, perhaps taking the Flash to levels he hasn’t reached before. And the artwork is spot on, capturing the emotions and anguish of the character, making a very beautiful book.

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