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by Doug Warren on July 26, 2017

Writer: Anthony Del Col
Artist: Wether Dell’Edera
Colourist: Stefano Simeone
Publisher: Dynamite
If the last time you read a Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys mystery was when you checked out a book published in the 1950s from your elementary school library, you are in for a surprise. This reboot by Anthony Del Col (Kill Shakespeare, Assassin's Creed: Trial by Fire) has the same dark edge and grit as his previous offerings, and leaves the cheesy plots and All-American characters back in the past where they belong.

We are introduced to the Hardy Boys: Joe, who always tries to see the good, and Frank, our narrator, who is cynical and jaded. If you’ve missed the first four issues, this brief intro will be enough to let you feel comfortable with the characters and jump right into the story.  Already accused of murdering their father, the Hardy Boys find the body of Sam Rover, killed in the same fashion as their dad. Whoever murdered Sam must’ve murdered their father . . . and whatever criminal activities Sam was mixed up in, then the same must’ve been true for the elder Hardy. Joe refuses to believe it, but Frank only wants the truth, no matter how grave it might be. When the brothers split, who will Nancy Drew side with? And are the brothers now wanted for two murders? Every new page just raises more questions until the shocking cliffhanger ending.

Del Col’s writing drew me in from the beginning. The fast pace and suspense carries throughout the book. The story is told mostly through Frank’s narration, but the dialogue isn’t sparse or lacking.

Dell’Edera’s artwork is minimalistic, but it isn’t simple.  It’s styled perfectly to give the comic a gritty, film noir feel. And Simeone’s dark shadows and muted colors anchor the dark tone of the writing.

It isn’t hard to see why this series is already garnering attention and numerous accolades. Please, check your preconceived notions about the characters at the door and enter this dark world with the new Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys.

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