by Doug Warren on July 26, 2017

Writer: Kyle Starks
Artist: Kyle Starks and Andy Hirsh
Colourist: Rian Sygh
Publisher: Oni Press

Story driven, this issue is not. Holed up in an apartment in another dimension as wanted terrorists, Rick and Morty have to stay hidden until they are no longer being pursued for the massacre attributed to Morty’s sneeze. So what do they do? They watch TV. And so do we.

As Rick and Morty flip through the channels, we get a spot on satirical, and often hilarious, look at American television. From scaremongering cable news, to reality shows, to Maury Povich and even Garfield and Star Trek, everything is jabbed with an accurate, razor sharp wit.

The back-up story involves an imprisoned and tortured Jerry in an asinine argument over Denzel Washington’s acting abilities, also guaranteed to bring the laughs.

The characters are drawn a bit sloppier than their TV counterparts, but this gives them the neuroticism that is present on screen but could otherwise be lost when translating animation to the page.

If you can’t wait for the next episode to appear, this comic will definitely help you get your Rick and Morty fix.

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