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TV crossover - Crisis on Earth-X

by Dorlan on December 05, 2017

Heroes stand together
Well, the big crossover is finished, and you might be wondering, what was it like and whether it was bigger, better and more entertaining than the last year’s one? Let me tell you in our full review.

This year we went from 3 episodes to full 4 so each CW’s show had its own part. Also, the release schedule was changed for the crossover to be aired in two days and not the usual four days it would take, which was a welcome change.

The crossover starts on a very happy note, when we see Barry and Iris trying to get married. All the known characters are there, which by now is a pretty big number. But then the trouble comes. Nazis invade Earth-1 to not only ruin their wedding but also to conquer this dimension.

Crisis on Earth – X was the cheesy crossover that brought out the best and the funniest things about all the characters that we are used to seeing on the television screens. However, with so many heroes it was a sure thing from the start that some characters will get more space than some others. The main characters of each show were the obvious choices, but I’m guessing that fans of some supporting characters might have been a bit disappointed. We are mainly talking about Legends of Tomorrow. Their members were appearing in times literally out of thin air as the plot demanded it so that they could have a cool moment as their more prominent colleagues.

Regarding the villains … I think that it was safe to say that the identities of at least two of them were obvious from the get-go. The last one, the counterpart to our Flash was on one hand good and he kind of fit into it, but on the other hand, it was the most illogical thing that I have seen in the Arrowverse to date. I mean, they literally didn’t even bother explaining how he got here, he was just there because they wanted to use him, and it was a hard thing for me to swallow, especially because they used an explanation for the other evil characters that was kind of ok in the context of comics science, but for this character they didn’t even bother, because apparently a lot of fans just won’t even care.

The main story was spotted with character relationships and problems that continued from their own series, but it was implemented very well so that even fans who don’t watch all the shows could catch up really fast with what was going on and enjoy it at face value.

This crossover must have pushed the limits of the budget the authors of the shows usually have and sadly it did show in some places. The CGI renders of the heroes, especially the Flash and Supergirl were at times so bad, that it really took me out of the moment. Same thing with some fighting choreography that was just built around the rule of cool rather than anything meaningful or logical.

But even through all the issues I mentioned it was a great achievement for the creators of these shows. It shows that they still can have a lot of fun with the characters and that they know in which category they are pulling their viewers in and giving them what they want.

I honestly enjoyed the big crossover quite a bit. Even though the CGI was jarring and so obvious in a lot of moments. Even though the main plot couldn’t be any cheesier than it was. This crossover had a hearth. It knew what it wanted to show us, and it didn’t hold back in any department. The stereotypical interactions and a lot of illogical decisions later I was really having a lot of fun watching it and I am looking forward to next year’s one, because they will have a big problem with surpassing this one

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