Avengers #37 Review

by Charles Martin on October 14, 2020

Avengers #37 Review
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: Javier Garrón
Colourist: Jason Keith
Letterer: Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Now empowered with the Phoenix Force, Marc Spector returns to the side of the angels and throws in with the Avengers in their desperate bid to defeat Khonshu.

Except when you get down to brass tacks, the Avengers don't really need a lot of help. Black Panther in particular is kicking all the ass and taking all the names, tearing the moon-god's mystic powers away from him practically single-handed.

That leads to a lot of additional empowerment as the team reunites for the final showdown. Robbie gets the Spirit of Vengeance back, and the powers of the Iron Fist and the Sorcerer Supreme are reclaimed and passed temporarily to some awesome new holders.

Besides Moon Knight being left to grapple with inner demons rather than the main fight with Khonshu, Captain Marvel is also a little under-served. She's stuck minding the "Babybrand," who would actually love to get into the fight, but ultimately remains an unfired Chekhov's gun.

Captain America gets some good focus even if his mission to rescue the Black Panther ends up being unnecessary. Cap tearing through mummies and werewolves is a little bit of timeless awesomeness. 

This is a messy script, and though it's full of life, it also courts confusion. The division between outer-space and Earth-bound action remains rough. Jason Aaron's dialogue covers the full quality spectrum, delivering some all-time awesome lines along with some clunky groaners.

This issue is, in a very real sense, rescued by Javier Garrón's outstanding art. It's a big, bombastic story, and it absolutely requires artistic excellence. Which is exactly what Mr. Garrón delivers. He has an endlessly compelling take on all of the Avengers, and he blocks out his pages to smoothly split the difference between eye-popping splash panels and dynamic action storytelling. This book is a constant delight to look at.

Jason Keith's colours are the icing on the cake, dialling the intensity up as high as it will go and then discovering some added pockets of illumination. The scene where the Avengers reclaim Khonshu's stolen powers is particularly striking; Mr. Keith lays blazing green and gold on top of an already-powerful nighttime scene.

This issue's high-stakes fighting, wide-spread team, and breakneck pace all serve to balance the story on the knife-edge of absurdity. Javier Garrón saves the day and nudges things firmly onto the side of awesomeness with his spectacular art. Thanks to the visuals, this finale is a satisfying rollercoaster ride -- and it closes with strong hints about the next story to come.

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I like the final scene more in theory than in execution. By all means, bring in some key X-Men if you're going to do a Phoenix story. Yeesh, the dialogue, though!