All-New Wolverine #31 Review

by Charles Martin on February 28, 2018

All-New Wolverine #31 Review
Writer: Tom Taylor
Artist: Marco Failla
Colourist: Nolan Woodard
Letterer: Cory Petit
Publisher: Marvel Comics

It's an All-New Wolverine one-shot, starring Honey Badger! With Jonathan the Wolverine! And special guest Unca Deadpool! If you love all these things, you don't really need to hang around and read this whole review; you've already got this comic on your pull list and you'll be delighted when you get it.

I can't pretend I haven't drunk the Kinney Sisters Kool-Aid myself; I'm a big ole Honey Badger fan and I loved every page of this silly little Kidverine adventure. But I can be objective enough to see that for all its hilarity, this issue isn't going into the history books as a must-read.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with All-New Wolverine #31. Tom Taylor's turned in a hilarious script and Marco Failla's drawn some remarkably clean art. Nolan Woodard's colours are on point, too, popping with extra vibrancy in a way that perfectly complements Mr. Failla's slightly spare lines. Even the anonymous soul writing the recap page (assistant editor Christina Harrington, maybe?) turns in a notably funny and novel description of Deadpool.

Jonathan is restless; this story kicks off when he chews a leg off of the Kinney's sacred pelican statue (gasp!) and Laura boots him and Gabby out for a walk. Their path takes them directly to the animal testing lab that Jonathan came from. It is a Bad Place where Bad Things happen, so Gabby calls her pal Deadpool for assistance.

How messed-up is the Marvel universe that that is not only possible but pretty much the wisest course of action for an adventurous tween like Gabby?

Anyway, Honey Badger and her pet wolverine and the Merc With the Mouth and eventually big sis Wolverine all conspire to deliver righteous arson-y justice to a super-creepy laboratory that runs on animal cruelty. 

Laughs are plentiful, faces are marvellously expressive, ridiculous situations are realized with brilliant, undue gravitas, and folks who love Honey Badger will be supremely entertained. This issue makes a fitting sequel to ANW #7, where guest-star Squirrel Girl introduced us all to Jonathan the Wolverine.

That first Jonathan issue also delivered plenty of humour, but it offered significant character development for Laura and permanently (and heartwarmingly!) upgraded her relationship with Gabby. While #31 revisits the theme of family, it does so in a slightly shallower, lip-service fashion. Here comedy is the ultimate target, and though the creators score a bullseye, only the most rabid fans would contend that this was a particularly hard shot to make. This adventure is tons of fun, but it could have had more heart.

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None of my "it's not memorable enough" whining should be taken as implying that I think the zombie sloth was anything less than awesome.