Superman #26 Review

by Carlos R. on October 13, 2020

Superman #26 Cover Graphic
Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils by: Ivan Reis
Inks by: Danny Miki
Colors by: Alex Sinclair
Letters by: Dave Sharpe
Publisher: DC Comics

With this batch of new comics for the week we find the second chapter of Superman’s “Mythological” arc. And after last issue’s introduction to Clark’s newest threat, we get a gauge on the type of relentless power this being has.

Bendis continues to demonstrate the results of Superman’s secret identity reveal through Clark’s return to the Daily Planet. If there’s one aspect of Bendis’ Superman run I enjoy, it has to be the world building through characters and involving the everyday people of this universe. Though characters may have similar speech patterns, I love how light-hearted they tend to be and the humor lands more often than not. Steve Lombard definitely stole the show this issue, and I love Clark’s revelation of the Justice League’s measure to protect certain areas.

There’s quite the ensemble of artists on this issue; Miki, Reis, Sinclair, and Sharpe work incredibly well together and the flow of the issues benefits greatly from their skills. Miki and Sinclair’s inks and colors help to distinguish every bit of this issue, I love how dynamic Sinclair’s colors are, especially with Synmar.

This was a fun issue to read, I would have loved to have read more from Synmar’s perspective, but seeing Superman try to communicate with it before engaging in a physical confrontation was nice. The “Mythological” arc makes for a fine jumping on point for new readers, so if you’ve been thinking about trying out a Superman book, now’s the time. Let us know down in the comments your thoughts on Synmar and this week’s issue.

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