Department of Truth #1

by Carlos R. on September 30, 2020

Department of Truth#1 Cover Image

Written by: James Tynion IV
Art by: Martin Simmonds
Lettered by: Aditya Bidikar
Designed by: Dylan Todd
Publisher: Image Comics

As far back as I can remember, I have adored conspiracy theories. I love to read the lists on reddit and when I was young, I would stay up late watching shows like UFO Files and Unsolved History. You can imagine my enthusiasm at learning about this series and it’s written by James Tynion IV nonetheless!

What if all the conspiracy theories you once balked at turned out to be true? All of them. From JFK’s assassination to the moon landing to the flat Earth theory. Cole Turner is a conspiracy connoisseur and now he’s fallen into the concealed world of the Department of Truth and the horrible revelations they’ve kept hidden for generations.

I’m so happy that this book has lived up to my expectations. James Tyinon IV has developed one heck of a terrifying world. The book reveals some jaw-dropping realities of this world, but it only serves to raise more questions. The dialogue between the agents and Cole is superb, I love the personality of the agent interrogating Cole and Cole’s belief that these agents are going to off him is exactly how I’d feel in his situation.

Martin Simmonds’ design of this issue is fascinating, it has a grainy film feel to it. I very much enjoyed the distortion to some of the character designs. There were a few panels that I had to squint at to make out the shapes, but other than that the flow of the book kept up well and it was simple to differentiate between Cole’s questioning and his recollection of events.

If you’re a fan of horror or sci-fi then you’re in for quite a read. The ending to this issue definitely has me signed up for this series and I’m all for finding out how deep this rabbit hole goes.

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