Inkblot #1 Review

by Carlos R. on September 03, 2020

Inkblot #1 Cover Image
Story, Art and Cover by: Emma Kubert & Rusty Gladd
Publisher: Image Comics

Inkblot is a series I have definitely been looking forward to getting my hands on. Emma Kubert and Rusty Gladd create such an immersive world and I’m so curious to explore these realms further.

The creators take an expository approach to establishing this world. We delve into the history of the family of the Voidbreaker and gives us our introduction to the protagonist of this series. We learn this history through The Seeker, keeper of her family’s accomplishments. As she drifts off to sleep, the Seeker’s thoughts depict her desire to make her own mark in their family’s history. The Seeker’s slumber is interrupted by the summoning of an inky black cat. And as she approaches to examine the creature, a portal to another realm opens before them and starts their chase.

Loved the art in this title; the weight of the lines and designs of the worlds are reminiscent of early Sandman issues. The expressions are great and even though some characters are shown for only a single panel, they have enough personality in their stance to give us an idea of their character. Some of the panels may need to be reread because of their placement, but the introduction sequence is brief and details us on these members through the eyes of their sister. I enjoyed their choice of how lettering, it lends to the personality of the narrator’s inner thoughts and the fantastical elements of the story.

Kubert and Gladd have created a beautiful and intriguing world. I’m definitely left wanting more, but I would’ve loved to have seen more conflict established, though there’s plenty here to bring me back for another issue.

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