Wonder Woman #760 Review

by Carlos R. on August 11, 2020

Wonder Woman #760 Cover Image
Written by: Mariko Tamaki
Art by: Mikel Janín
Colors by: Jordie Bellaire
Lettered by: Pat Brosseau
Publisher: DC Comics

And with this week we find ourselves on another adventure with the astounding Amazon, Wonder Woman!

We pick up where we left off last issue, with Diana charging through prison to confront Maxwell Lord. The recent surge of mind-controlled victims has led Diana here and though Max has proven himself to be the worst of what humanity can be, there’s claim that someone else is pulling the strings of this sinister game.

Mariko Tamaki continues to develop her opening arc and I am so intrigued by the direction the series is taking. Her conversation with Maxwell is incredibly tense and not just because of the prison guards surrounding them, Tamaki illustrates their history and the spite Wonder Woman has for him. Emma’s scene with Diana is a great parallel to that of Maxwell, and highlights Diana’s compassionate traits.

The look of this book is phenomenal, I really enjoy Janín’s character design, especially with Diana. Janín and Bellaire depict Diana in such a larger than life manner and Bellaire captures the blue of Diana’s eyes perfectly, I love how they shine throughout the story. The panels of the calmer scenes with Emma are designed well and the flow of conversation is easy to follow and highlights each character’s reactions. Pat Brosseau’s sound effect layouts help keep the flow of action and the shading adds a contrast that makes them pop in great fashion.

Wonder Woman #760 takes an interesting turn and sets up larger events to come for Diana. This and the previous issue make for a great jumping on point for new readers. And if you’re not new to the series, this is another gorgeous and excellent read in the series.

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