Catwoman #23 Review

by Carlos R. on July 15, 2020

Catwoman #23 Cover Image
Written by: Blake Northcott & Sean Murphy
Art by: Cian Tormey
Colors by: FCO Plascencia
Lettered by: Tom Napolitano
Publisher: DC Comics

This week finds Selina on another daring escapade. Catwoman #23 is another of the transitional books set between her leave of Villa Hermosa and return to Gotham.

Catwoman makes her way to the jungle of Isla Nevada where she reunites with an old companion for a gala and an auction that brings together quite the throng of supervillain guests. However, more sinister deeds take place in the background of this wicked gala. People are disappearing, and reports of a terrifying beast keep visitors from journeying to the island.

Blake Northcott and Sean Murphy tag team on this issue. I love that these intermission issues are exploring the depths of Selina and doing so from different perspectives. This issue dives into her criminal past by inviting her to a gala brimming with ex-partners and others claiming to know the real her. Though the auction setting may be a familiar trope for this master thief, I’m curious to see how this story is fleshed out against the backdrop of the jungle beast.

Speaking of the beast, Cian Tormey’s gigantic creature exudes ferocity and even when in a tranquil state, that thing is terrifying. The structure of this point in the series allows for different artists to tackle the Cat and not jar the pace of her story’s progression. I’m glad Tomrey gets to handle this portion of Selina’s story, he enriches the setting. Aside from an odd perspective in the expressions of one of the minor characters, Tormey draws everyone, especially Selina, in such a lovely manner. Her scenes in the airport and plane are my favorite in this issue and that’s saying something when the story is set in a jungle. Tormey is paired with Tom Napolitano and FCO Plascenia this issue and they harmonize so well. Napolitano blends his lettering seamlessly and his work is prime example of “working so well you don’t notice it”.  Plascenia’s colors shine through and though the setting should be mostly draped in shadow, he manages to keep the book vibrant and does an excellent job at contrasting one of Selina’s more muted outfits.

If you’ve been in the mood to pick up some Catwoman, but not looking to invest in a whole series, now is the perfect time to jump in! The previous one-shot and this two-part arc make for a great sampling her character.

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