Sleeping Beauties #1 Review

by Carlos R. on June 24, 2020

Sleeping Beauties #1 Cover Image
Adapted from: Stephen and Owen King
Written by: Rio Youers
Art by: Alison Sampson
Colors by: Triona Tree Farrell
Lettered by: Christa Miesner
Publisher: IDW Publishing

Sleeping Beauties is a novel by Stephen and Owen King published back in 2017. The novel sets up an interesting premise where large populations of women fall under a sickness that places them under a deep sleep. This adaptation expertly blends the elements of fantasy, horror, and suspense originally presented in the novel.

Rio Youers adapts Sleeping Beauties and if this first issue is any indication, we’re in for quite a treat. The plot follows familiar beats, but Youers switches focal points without hindering the pacing. Youers writes each character’s voice to be distinct and develops each of their personality enough to have readers invested into their stories. I quite enjoy the frenzy of mystery throughout this issue and love the suspense that builds up. This first chapter ends on a strong note and gives us a slight peak behind the curtain of this world, just enough to have us eagerly await the next issue.

The fantastical elements are a significant piece of the story and I’m happy to say Alison Sampson, Christa Miesner, and Triona Tree Farrell beautifully capture the multiple layers to this story. The colors within feel bright and contrast well against each other but have a certain muted-ness to them that evoke a dream-like feel to it which I greatly appreciate. This narrative deals heavily with the unnatural; the way sound effects and sometimes the art itself escape from the restrictions of the panels subtly depict those elements.

If you’ve never read the novel or have been interested to, Sleeping Beauties #1 offers a promising and faithful first chapter to this series.

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