Catwoman #22 Review

by Carlos R. on June 02, 2020

Catwoman #22 Cover Image
Written by: Paula Sevenbergen

Art by: Aneke

Colors by: Laura Allred

Lettered by: Gabriela Downie

Publisher: DC Comics

Be warned, hiss-sterical puns lie ahead.

Fans of Catwoman are fur-tunate this week, as DC has released the purr-fect combination of issues this week with Catwoman #22 and the Catwoman 80th 100 Page Super Spectacular. Man, that’s a meow-thful!  This week’s issue of Catwoman features a standalone adventure that has Selina hunting down a cleaning crew that is cleaning out the more affluent citizens of Villa Hermosa.

The events of this tale take place prior to Catwoman #21. This issue finds Selina stalking a team of maids for hire. She’s been tasked with uncovering their underground sting operation and to find a stolen relic.
There’s a fun story inside this issue for sure, but Sevenbergen manages to weave quite the meaningful tail for Selina. The choice of lack of vocals in the beginning portion of the book, accentuate Catwoman’s movements and allow readers to explore Selina’s inner thoughts. The dastardly pair of maids catch Selina’s eye for more reason than their unscrupulous deeds, she admires their handywork and notes a resemblance to her former life.

Anake and Laura Allred fit so nicely into this book, Selina has never looked better. The lighting on the leather of her costume makes her pop in every seen and that first page lets you know the art will be something to behold. The absurdity of this issue is definitely captured in the expression and playful colors of the scenery. Much of this issue is spent with Selina’s inner thoughts and Gabriela Downie’s lettering offers that sleuth feel and methodical reflections.

This is Catwoman’s week! Issue #22 of Catwoman makes for a great compliment to the Anniversary Special and is a fine interlude before Selina’s homecoming. And I’m not kitten ya!

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