Wonder Woman #755 Review

by Carlos R. on May 19, 2020

Wonder Woman #755 cover image
Written by: Steve Orlando
Pencils by: Jesus Merino
Inked by: Vicente Cifuentes
Colors by: Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Lettered by: Pat Brosseau
Publisher: DC Comics

Orlando charges into ‘The Four Horsewomen’ arc with a solid, action-heavy issue that sets the bar for what’s to come.

The story opens with Devastation and Armageddon rampaging through the city and coercing Donna Troy to join their pack.  The transition over to Diana, along with Nora Nunes, speaking to a group of children slows the momentum, but is a nice setting to find Diana in. As Agent Nunes and Wonder Woman leave, Warmaster executes her plans and sets Diana’s demise into motion.

Steve Orlando does an excellent job of challenging Diana’s ideals and beliefs of her people through Warmaster’s plans to break her physically and spiritually. This issue also utilizes events from previous issues to support Warmaster’s views. One of Wonder Woman’s greatest qualities is her compassion and seeing her in a classroom setting with children was great but having it as a one-sided interaction made the scene come off as if it could have occurred in any other setting; though, I would have loved to see her having an open conversation with them.

Jesus Merino and Vicente Cifuentes are a great fit for this issue with how expressive the characters are drawn, especially with emotions so high in this chapter. Fajardo Jr. creates the atmosphere of each setting with the tones of his palette. The fight scenes are choreographed well and keep an even pace throughout. Including faint images of Warmaster’s ancestors behind her make for a nice touch and emphasize the significance of her family name in this conflict. The splash pages centered on Wonder Woman’s battle with Warmaster are the standout portions of this issue and highlight the duality between both characters.

Wonder Woman#755 makes for a solid introduction to ‘The Four Horsewomen’ arc and utilizes Orlando’s previous issues to drive the righteousness of Warmaster’s ambitions.

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