Justice League Dark #21 Review

by Carlos R. on March 25, 2020

Written by: James Tynion IV and Ram V
Art by: Alvaro Martínez Bueno
Inks by: Raul Fernandez
Colors by: June Chung
Lettered by: Rob Leigh
Publisher: DC Comics

Issue #21 of Justice League Dark marks another fantastically horrific chapter in this great run.

The Justice League Dark is still split, battling the chaos stemming from the Parliaments of Life on multiple fronts. Zatanna and Constantine have gone off to find Abigail Arcane and Animal Man, Wonder Woman, and Detective Chimp are on the frontlines of L.A. fighting off a horde of rot-infected creatures. Zatanna and Constantine come to the Heart of the Rot and explore Abigail’s mind and face a familiar, horrifying threat.

This installment keeps up the pace from the last issue and feels just as cinematic in scope. Ram V and Tynion IV nail the horror aspect of this book by driving Constantine and Zatanna further into the Rot and having the rest of the Justice League Dark overwhelmed by the oncoming horde. The banter and dialogue between characters feels natural and each voice is distinguished. Zatanna stole the show this issue, not only is her scene in the Rot beautifully depicted, it adds more flavor to her character (I did not realize she is a Queen fan, but it totally adds up). Ram V and Tynion IV continue to weave each half of the team’s arc in an ascending manner, the tensions are high and it truly feels like they’re up against a threat worthy of the Justice League’s attention.

I love the feel of this book, it’s so eerie and just so incredibly good. I mentioned how this felt cinematic and the way each scene is cut shows that; from the introduction through Abigail’s early life; to Zee and Constantine visiting the reformatory; to Animal Man, Wonder Woman, and Detective Chimp’s never-ending fight against the monsters the book just moves so eloquently without missing a beat. The flow of the book is non-stop, but the art team knows how to pace each section so that the reader isn’t overloaded, and every character has a moment in the spotlight. Wonder Woman’s stairwell scene is incredible, it displays her resourcefulness and you can tell she’s holding back to not make any fatal moves. The color in this scene is a great choice as it allows room for the reader to see each movement, but also constricts the space in which she can move and even transitions nicely onto the next page featuring Animal Man’s powers as he tries to locate the creature he needs to emulate.

Justice League Dark #21 offers another great issue to the series. This book makes use of every panel and page and offers a well-crafted tale. The range of this issue is phenomenal and deserves a spot on your pull list.


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