LOT 13 #2

by BRONKO on November 29, 2012

      The first issue of Lot 13 was full of creepy tension, hanging like a guillotine above the heads of an unsuspecting family moving into their first home. The second issue was full of ghosts, Glenn Fabry ghosts. I hear a lot people come down on Fabry, saying all his faces look the same, but I like the way he draws so fuck off. That being said, if you don’t like his art, this book isn’t for you because all the faces look the same.

      The book opens with a gin-soaked rape scene circa 1921 in Fairfax County. Things don’t get much more uplifting from here. Our unsuspecting family is spending the night in some ultra-sketchy apartment building that shares residency with Silent Hill. Everyone up in that joint is a ghost. The highlights of the ghost roster thus far are the Wyatt family from issue one who were hung after they committed suicide—pretty funny—and the girl from the beginning whose brain went the way of a bowl of pudding filled with firecrackers via self inflicted gunshot post rape. It’s a party, dusty ghost music and all.

      I was really into the first issue of Lot 13. The second issue didn’t disappoint me tremendously. No, it was better than that, even though they employed some pretty played out ghost tricks. There aren’t really any spoilers to give away here because the issue consists of just walking into different rooms and seeing different ghosts. It was fun, but really only if you like Fabry’s art—there is very little story and dialogue.

      This was number two of five, so I will probably stick with it until the end to see if Steve Niles can pull himself out of this ghost cliché nosedive and give me something fresh. It doesn’t sound like it, but I am enjoying this series and would recommend it to anyone easily entertained by haunted houses and gory ghost stuffs. 

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A Look Inside


I was disappointed that the story didn't really progress (didn't expect them to be in the hotel for the entire issue - it's only a 5 issue series!) but I still liked this issue a lot. I also like the art and the face thing isn't a big problem, imo. Very accurate review and rating.