Shazam #2 Review

by Brian Renninger on January 23, 2019

Shazam #2 Review
Writer: Geoff Johns
Art: Marco Santucci
Publisher: DC

One of the most exciting things to be announced last year was the re-launch of DC’s Shazam title, making it the first major installment for the character since The New 52, and with Johns on the book, it seems that we’ll see the hero get a fair post-Rebirth treatment.

            The second issue gives us more insight into the reappearance of the magical subway the first delivered Billy Batson to the Rock of Eternity and to his destiny as the hero Shazam. Overall, the pacing of the issue was a bit slow, but we got to have those character moments the Johns is known for, and with a family story like this, it’s what we need. The reintroduction of a certain villain was a fun little moment as well. All in all, not much happens in this issue that I can really comment on, which would inherently sound like a negative were it not so lighthearted and fun in spirit. This new series is off to a slow start, but I think we’ll finally see some major happenings by the end of the next issue.

My biggest criticism, and one you might notice immediately, is just how inconsistent Marco Santucci draws the ages of the young characters. Pedro changes appearance nearly four times, going from young boy to senior lineman in just a few panels. Overall, the art is fine, but the age design is way off here.

The second installment in the Geoff Johns Shazam re-launch has found its footing, yet hasn’t exactly shown us what it wants to be quite yet. The first issue, while fun, wasn’t so interested in giving us something new to bite down on and was more of a reestablishment of character, while the second issue feels far more like the slow beginning of a narrative arc. I’m excited as the next reader to see what Johns does with these characters, but lets hope the next issue gives us a little bit more insight into what that thing is.

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