Green Lanterns #3

by Brandon Davenport on July 21, 2016

Written by: Sam Humphries
Art by: Tom Derenick, Robson Rocha, JackHerbert, Neil Edwards
Published by: DC

With the last two issues, Humphries Green Lanterns series was on a roll. Let’s see how he keeps the momentum going in this next issue.

Issue #2 was mostly a Jessica oriented story, while this issue is more of a story for Simon Baz, one of our two protagonists. Three issues into this story arc, and the tension is rising, as the Red Lantern Corps are continuing their conquest of Earth, slowly making their way towards their goal. Meanwhile, relations between Simon and Jessica are at an all-time low. They can’t seem to get along at all!

The emotional crux of the story rests between Simon and one of the Red Lanterns, Bleez. Evidences throughout the story, the temptation and traces of rage infects everyone on Earth in some capacity, and Bleez plans to make the most of this when talking with Simon.Like with Jessica last issue, Simon and his posse of supporting cast get built upon in this issue, and it really helps to make the reader sympathize with Simon, even when he’s kind of cocky.

Unfortunately, I feel this issue stumbles just a tad bit in its presentation in some of its ideas. I feel as if, when I met Simon’s friends earlier in the story, I wasn’t really being set up for some the details revealed about their relationship with Simon. It doesn’t help the pacing hits a bump in the middle of the issue when we actually do get to see what Simon’s friends are up to. What they encounter is pretty neat, but I feel as if it just abruptly shows up.

The confrontation between Simon and Bleez turns to an interesting place, at least for a brief moment in time. During that time, I feel like the book tries to fit in a little too much exposition just to explain Bleez’s backstory to familiarize new readers with the character, and then it gets undone soon after. It doesn’t help that I don’t fully understand the implications of how Simon was able to trigger this character development in Bleez, but it makes some sense given we are setting up Simon to be a power Green Lantern.

I feel this happening will set up something in a future issue, especially given the implications of the Red Lantern’s failure. When/if the Red Lanterns fail the balance is not granted to the emotional spectrum, what will happen to the Red Lantern’s like Bleez? Only time will tell.

As per usual, the art is pretty solid. Faces are spot on, colors are rich (especially in the green and red departments). Costumes look a bit more textured this time around, or I am just crazy. Also, there are a couple of different pencilers on this issue, and it’s a little noticeable. Not a deal breaker by any stretch though.

While I don’t think this issue is as solid as the last two issues, the book still marches on a with positive stride. The characters still work, and this could be the beginning of a great bond between the protagonists, if they get their stuff together. Given the last page reveal, it’s going to be fun to see how that comes to be.

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