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FF #6

by BradBabendir on April 28, 2013

    Matt Fraction is not the best comic book writer currently working, but he is my favorite to read. Comic books have the potential to be a lot of different things, but Fractions are far and away the most fun. Though I’ve no idea what is working process is like, it’s clear that he approaches each book, each page and each panel with vigor and enthusiasm.

    FF is no different; but FF isn’t perfect.

    Things aren’t going so great for the Future Foundation at present, and balancing the real problems the team is facing with his current style is no easy task. In #5, he succeeded with flying colors. In #6, the book stumbles, but it doesn’t fall. Likely just growing pains from a new book exploring new territory, this issue feels less stable and cohesive than the previous five.

    The dialogue gets pretty clunky throughout the issue, and there are a couple pages in the middle that feel, well, phoned-in. They serve a distinct plot purpose and were necessary, but they didn’t feel realized.

    Despite this, Fraction and Co. do some really important things throughout the issue. Firstly, and most importantly, the readers (and characters within the book) finally feel like they’re given a reason to believe in Scott Lang as their leader. His aptitude when it comes to helping Darla at with the Yancy Street Gang is impressive, and he does it in a very believable way. The character that had been a bit of a lame duck as far as leaders go (especially when the comparison point is Reed Richards) took charge of a messy situation and remedied it.

    This is the worst FF issue to date, but that’s not so bad, all things considered. There was some very good art and the story line works. This was a speed bump, not a detour, and Fraction and Co. will most certainly continue delivering.


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