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Action Comics #977

by Batmanaruto on April 12, 2017

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Ian Churchill
Colourist: Hi-Fi
Publisher: DC Comics

It’s really a testament to DC Rebirth that even after a crossover, which was pretty good, that both Superman and Action Comics are both really good. I even find myself struggling to know which one is better, but they are both really awesome. Superman had a small part tied into Superman Reborn in Superman #20, but this issue truly embraces the crossover.
This issue is literally the fallout from the issue. For anyone that wasn’t a hundred percent so sure how they were going to re-work the whole Superman universe after Reborn, this issue literally plunges you into the situation and guides you through how the Universe has changed. One example of this is Perry is now the godfather of Jon Kent and everyone seems to know who Jon is, and that Clark and Lois are married, which is really cool.
The rest of the issue is really a re-telling of Superman’s origin, but you get the emotion of Superman accompanied with it, as he is really experiencing the death of his birth parents for the first time.
The issue also sets up the future villains group that is going to take on Superman. I am so excited for this as it’s Superman against some of his strongest villains. Hopefully we also get the reveal of who is gathering all the villains together, and my guess is most likely Mr Oz, but just like in Superman Reborn, where I was surprised it was Mr Mxyzptlk, I hopefully would be surprised if they reveal it.
In conclusion this series seems to really try and give Tomasi and Gleeson’s Superman a run for it’s money. This series is definitely one of the best books coming out of DC Rebirth and I hope that it continues to be strong.

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