Green Arrow #18

by Batmanaruto on March 02, 2017

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Eleanor Carlini
Colourist: Arif Prianto
Publisher: DC Comics

Green Arrow is one of the most underrated series in all of DC Rebirth. Many people talk about Supreman, Deathstroke or Detective Comics, but it is rare for people to bring up Green Arrow, which is funny since the book has been basically consistently good. Percy is really building up the ‘Arrow’ family in a way I might point out is different to every other DC Family. In the ‘Arrow’ family they are not just more archers, in this new series, in fact only Emi carries one.
Roy Harper is a character I got to really like because of Young Justice, Teen Titans (the tv series) and Red Hood and the Outlaws. He was a character that was a lot of fun, in most cases, trucker hat and all. However one thing I always seemed to notice was that he never really had a good place in the DC Universe, which may be because he always seems to play second fiddle to a Robin. The most interesting point of the character in his history, sorry to say, was when it was found out he was taking drugs and was addicted.
In this issue Percy does really play up that feeling of him not really belonging anywhere. It is also interesting to see the dynamic between Ollie and Roy as they are both really happy and fun characters. In some characterizations of Roy’s characters he is really serious, but I think DC is trying to stick with the fun, since it is similar to the Batman and Robin dynamic.
I’m wondering if Roy will be a mainstay into this series, as I would like that and it would also give the series, even more of a kick. I don’t really know how this particularly story would progress, however the history really gives people a quick rundown of Roy Harper.

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