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Action Comics #973

by Batmanaruto on February 09, 2017

As great as the current Superman issue is, Jurgens’ Action Comics definitely gives it a run for it’s money. After a great first arc that I would admit was one issue too long but still pretty good. The second arc Man of Steel was better and really basically poking fun at Marvel’s Civil War 2. Now this next arc is finally cracking down on the question of who is Clark Kent?
Now for those that haven’t been reading this series, we have Superman but we also have Clark Kent and they are 2 separate entities. It was shown that he is actually Clark Kent so he is not a shapeshifter.  After Superman did several tests he concluded that he was Clark Kent.
This issue is really a Lois focused issue, which is really cool to see. Lois is probably one of the greatest female characters of all time as she really has an identity of her own. She wasn’t just the love interest of Superman, or the damsel in distress many female characters are regulated to, she is first and foremost a reporter. This issue not only reminds readers of that but also shows why that is both an important and interesting facet of her character.
Meanwhile with Superman he is trying to figure out what is wrong with Lana. I have been reading Superwoman, but I’m really not enjoying it so I cared a whole lot less about this angle. However it was interesting to see both Blanque and another character make their return.
Overall this is another solid issue of Action Comics, which is really prepping readers for the Superman Reborn Arc, but also doing some really interesting stuff itself. Jurgens’ really harkens back to that 90’s style of writing, but shows he has still got the talent to go with it.

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