Nightwing #14

by Batmanaruto on February 01, 2017

Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Marcus To
Colourist: Chris Sotomayor

Originally when I started this second arc of Nightwing I wasn’t really enjoying it and by issue 2 of the arc, it felt like a bore. However I went back to reread it and found it’s actually really good and the final issue of the arc is definitely one of the best yet.
Seeley drops Dick right into Bludhaven and really uses this arc to build up Bludhaven around him, giving him his own allies and supporting cast. It really feels like he is being re-introduced to something once lost. The supporting cast is filled with really interesting characters, that I hope do make an appearance later on.
Regarding this issue, it really deals with the theme of redemption and whether it is possible to be redeemed for previous actions caused. That is heavily experienced through the run-offs, but also through the villain Jimmy who feels that they will only fall, never do good. This ties in really well with the theme of Nightwing trying to get back to his center through Bludhaven.
Overall this issue was really one of the best yet in this arc, with the art still being really good. My only complaint is Seeley trying to make Dick in a couple, with anyone other than Barbara Gordon as it just feels right. The last page is a tease for the next arc and if it is what I think it is, I’m really excited.

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