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Teen Titans #4

by Batmanaruto on January 25, 2017

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Khoi Pham
Colourist: Jim Charalampidis

It finally feels like we are getting the Teen Titans back that most people loved. In the New 52 I didn’t think the Teen Titans books were as bad as most people made it, but it wasn’t good. It feels like in this book they are feeling more like both a family and a team. The point of family is especially stressed in this issue.
This issue hearkens back to the trial by combat issue, between Batman and Ra’s Al Ghul, but this time it is between Damian and Mara. That adds an interesting dynamic as it does really emphasized legacy, that DC Rebirth and I have been stressing. The family feud between these characters was explored in the previous issue, and this issue uses the opportunity to back up Mara’s hatred, and obvious jealousy of Damian.
People that have read any books with Damian Wayne in it, understand that although the character is deeply troubled, he does really want to do good. Damian’s self-sacrifice of himself, for his team really encompasses what the Teen Titans are about, they are not only friends but also a family. Percy takes the opportunity to build this relationship from the ground up and it’s really cool to watch.
The art remains to be really good in this book, and not just this book, but most DC Rebirth books have really good art. However the vibrant use of colours makes the pages come alive. How the Titans will defeat Ra’s and his students is something I’m really wondering.

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