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JLA Rebirth: Vixen

by Batmanaruto on January 11, 2017

Writer: Steve Orlando and Jody Houser
Artist: Jamal Campbell
Colourist: Jamal Campbell

Prior to this issue, the only thing I really knew about Vixen was from the Vixen CW animated series and from Justice League Unlimited. So I was really excited to learn more about this character and this book was alright.

It basically gives you a basic rundown of the character's history. What happened in Africa with both her parents being killed and her getting the amulet which gives her, the powers she inherited.
It’s funny to see the contrast with her in the present day, compared to the past. The book shows how money and power can really clout a person’s view. She thought she was helping young orphans like herself with her charity, but she had never actually stopped by to just visit and help the kids.
One major problem I had with this book is that it revealed her secret identity, straight away. One thing I much preferred with DC over Marvel was they did value the importance of a secret identity and she kinda gave it away straight.
The art is really good, especially as it shows all the different animals. I’m still wondering how this JLA team will all match-up together, however I definitely think she will be a solid addition to the team.

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