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Deathstroke #10

by Batmanaruto on January 11, 2017

Writer: Christopher Priest
Artist: Cary Nord
Colourist: Jeromy Cox

One thing that is really great with this current series on Deathstroke is that it really focuses on family and this is best shown, especially in this issue as we gain privy to see what Slade, Jericho and Rose are all up to.
Slade is still imprisoned and continues that story of his past, whilst he is still stuck in the prison. It’s interesting to see that Slade even at a young age, only really cared about his money. This actually does kind of contrast with how those who know him well are also willing to give him up, for benefits as well. It also addresses why Slade, up to this point is still alive and hard to capture.
Going into Jericho’s section, we are really understanding the mythos of Deathstroke and his family powers. The fact that Deathstroke and his family do have a metahuman gene is interesting, but this goes further to say the Slade doesn’t actually use 90 percent of his brain, Jericho can only take over a lesser mind, and Rose selects the most probable future and prevents it from happening.
Rose meanwhile focuses on meeting her Homung family, as she searches for the Mystical Family Sword. This is interesting as she is finally trying to touch base and visit her family, that previously she denied. She has a strange but amusing interaction with both her cousin and some thugs.
This issue of Deathstroke was really another great issue as this issue really focuses on letting us know what makes Slade’s family tick. Whether it’s how they got their powers, family or seeing Slade at a young age. I also can’t wait for the next issue as it deals with Slade, trying to break out of prison.

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