Shade: The Changing girl #3

by Batmanaruto on December 07, 2016

Writer: Cecil Castellucci
Artist: Marley Zarcone
Colouritst: Kelly Fitzpatrick

This book is so trippy, but I have to say it’s still really so good. This is basically a book about a girl dealing with high school life, and this book is interesting as it looks at it from the perspective of the bully. It’s interesting to see something that is so relevant still in today’s society as Cecil Castellucci makes us feel sympathy for the bully.

The art in the book is so trippy, but it is really interesting to see the art in the background like when Shade is sitting on the edge and you see the eyes looking up in the water. It is interesting as it shows the way, most people especially after embaressing situations feel self-conscious. Or there is another part where there are daggers over the over girls representing hate, which is interesting.

It’s also cool to see the story on the alien planet progress as they are still looking for the madness coat. The book also adds humour as Lepuck and his friends try to free Loma’s body and how Lepuck continues to quote Shade.

There is a back-up story in this, however I know nothing about Dial H for Hero, so didn’t read it, however you may actually enjoy it.

In conclusion this issue for me is another strong addition, to a really good book, which has a premise that is intriguing and I am continuously wondering, where the book will progress. It’s great to see that DC’s young animal line is still going strong. 

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