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Teen Titans #2

by Batmanaruto on November 23, 2016

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist:Diōgenes Neves
Colourist: Jim Charalampidis and John Kalisz


Personally, I have always loved the Teen Titans, partially due to the tv show and also partially due to the fact I love the idea of legacy in the DC Universe. Damian Wayne is a character that a lot of people struggle to write well, but Benjamin Percy knows how to write Damian Wayne, really well. In the first issue he wrote him as arrogant, and in the second he wrote him as sad, in this issue he combines both, as Damian is arrogant but there is the underlying tone of sadness in this issue. The reader can understand either being the youngest, smallest or a person not being listened to. As Damian does try to tell the team about the imminent threat, but no one is really taking him seriously.
However, I do think I need to address the villains that Percy decided to use in this arc, as both the backstory and powers given to the characters, makes them interesting, threatening and a good compliment to the other team members.

In the underlying core of this issue, it really deals with the fact of keeping secrets. Damian is so used to operating with the bat family, where they do keep secrets that he doesn’t really realize that he cannot do the same thing. Damian in this issue is trying to avoid letting them know his secret past with the league of assassins and Ras Al Ghul.
The art by Diōgenes Neves is really good and although Jonboy Meyers is no longer drawing the book, the art does seem reminiscent of his style. However, I do think that is in part to the coloring as well.

In summary Teen Titans #2 is another solid issue, to this already great run, which is really bringing the Teen Titans back to their fun roots. The banter between the team does help, and the importance at the end of being together, shows that this team could grow to be a famous teen titans team. I’m really enjoying the book so far and looking forward to how it continues.

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