Doomsday Clock #6

by Batmanaruto on July 25, 2018

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Gary Frank
Colorist: Brad Anderson
Publisher: DC Comics

When I originally read the solicitation for this issue I was worried that the entire issue would be a flashback issue that focused on Marionette and Mime. This wasn’t a bad idea in itself, but with the delays making the wait longer, I feared that this issue may do little to actually push the main story along. However, Johns and Frank did not disappoint and both show that even in this unfortunate situation both bring their A-game to not only this issue but the entire series.

Now this issue does still contain flashbacks, but they are designed in such a way that they seem to flow and feel seamless. Frank’s magnificent art transitions from the flashback to the present day using puppets or people’s faces in the flashback and it is done beautifully. As for the flashback, itself the story is really enjoyable and does show how Mime and Marionette’s relationship grew. Whilst enjoyable one critique I do have is that Johns doesn’t really show why they have become villains especially as we say later on in the issue and near the start that Mime admires the Comedian.

The present-day story focuses on the villains as they plan their next course of action. The general consensus seems to be that the villains want to go to Khandaq to be protected by Black Adam. However, there is an air of distrust because of the Superman Theory as some villains think Typhoon and Moonbow are government agents. The idea of the Superman Theory has been running throughout the entire series and I’m really interested to see the endgame of who is controlling it, whether that is Dr Manhatten or someone else.

Overall another really solid issue with phenomenal art. Every time I read an issue of this series I cannot wait for the next issue to be released and hints at new potential dangers for the DC Universe.

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