Batman #39

by Batmanaruto on January 17, 2018

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Joëlle Jones
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Publisher: DC Comics

With Tom King’s Batman in the last few issues he has been having Batman and Catwoman make the rounds to lots of characters that are important in Batman’s history such as Superman, Talia, the Robins and now Wonder Woman. It has been interesting to see how each of these characters act and react to the news of the engagement. Tom King has been killing it with these issues but this latest issue is his weakest.
Wonder Woman and Batman go to a mystical world in which they have to fight endless hordes of monsters and stop them from accessing the DC Universe. One of the things I was hoping with this new engagement was we would be able to see how Batman works with someone that is his future wife, so I have difficulty believing that he wouldn’t get Catwoman to accompany him and Wonder Woman to fight these endless hordes.
I honestly felt that the issue was contrived just so that Batman and Wonder Woman could lean in for a potential kiss. It also just feels really out of character for both Batman and Wonder Woman. I feel Batman would wait for Selina and Wonder Woman would wait for Steve Trevor, instead of cheating on him.
This series has high points and low points, but I really think that the low points of the series really drag this book down so much. Whenever I feel the series is getting better and better, that excitement crashes so hard. I really hope that the following issues can regain the strength it had before.

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