Action Comics #993

by Batmanaruto on December 13, 2017

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Joe Prado and Cam Smith
Colorist: Hi-Fi
Publisher: DC Comics

Action Comics #993 and this entire arc is really a good representation of some of Dan Jurgens work. He has written for both Superman and Booster Gold, so it is so surprising that this issue isn’t really that good.
The book starts off with a fight between Flash and Booster Gold which is really out of character for the Flash. Flash runs in straight and attacks Booster Gold without asking any questions. Then Booster Gold goes on to defeat the Flash in a quick fight.
We don’t really see anything much happen as Superman goes through the time stream other than the fact that his father was friends with Zod whilst they were both on Krypton. The cliffhanger ending feels hollow since we already saw a powerless Superman in the Men of Steel arc, so it seems lazy to repeat this again.
In conclusion, this isn’t really a great issue at all. We are not given any indication of the direction of the story. We know basically as much as we did last time and this issue does little to progress this.

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