Batman Annual #2

by Batmanaruto on November 29, 2017

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Lee Weeks and Michael Lark
Colorist: Elizabeth Breitweiser and June Chung
Publisher: DC Comics

I honestly tend to hate retcons. Retcons do have potential to add and improve characters but more often than not I feel it always takes away from characters. A good example of where it can add to characters is Identity Crisis, so as I started this annual I was very concerned. However by the end I was really enjoying it and it really works.
The core idea of the issue is really showing how similar Batman is to Catwoman. They are both orphans, and both people that often feel alone but their only main difference is that one is wealthy whilst the other is poor. King utilizes the typical Cat and Mouse game between the characters and uses it as opportunity showing that even though they have this divide it is important for these characters to stick together. It really proves that King is the best person to handle their relationship.
We also get to see Batman and Catwoman in the future as they have grown old and this heavily implies that King is hoping that the marriage lasts a long time. They are old but still King writes the characters so well that you almost feel as if you watched the characters get old yourself.
In conclusion this is a great issue and an even greater love story. Often with annuals people tend to overlook them and don’t view them as important, but this annual is both crucial and a really fun read. 

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