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Flash #34

by Batmanaruto on November 08, 2017

Writer: Joshua Williamson and Michael Moreci
Artist: Pop Mhan
Colorist: Ivan Plascencia
Publisher: DC Comics

Williamson co-wrote a really amazing issue of Batman Lost #1, which is why it is a shame that his Flash as off late hasn’t been as great as when it started off. Reverse Flash corrupted Barry with the negative speed force, and I feel that was when the run began to really go downhill. There have been hiccups which is to be expected but I feel Williamson hasn’t really done much with Barry and instead has just made him really depressed.
The issue focuses on the return of Meena. Meena explains that she was lost in the speedforce all this while and then begins to want to help Barry remove the negative speedforce from his body. Meena, Barry and Wally basically do some tests and this is highly uninteresting. Williamson’s strength is in writing character interactions, so this does improve the scene and the next one as well.
As I mentioned above Williamson’s strength is in writing character interactions, and the way in which he writes Barry and Meena apologizing and reconciling with one another. That scene was so well written it actually made me forget that Meena worked for the Black Hole, so I was slightly surprised when they popped up. Then Meena reveals her true plan to take the negative speed force for herself, which is a really cool plan.
I’m really happy that now Barry no longer has the speedforce and can return to the normal Flash that we are used to. The issue does have some problems but also has some strong moments. Hopefully now we can get back to really fun Flash comics again.

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