Black Lightning: Cold Dead Hands #1

by Batmanaruto on November 01, 2017

Writer: Tony Isabella
Artist: Clayton Henry
Colorist: Pete Pantazis
Pulisher: DC Comics

Black Lightning is a criminally underused character who is known for his role on the JLA and also the part he played in Final Crisis. This comic is obviously meant to coincide with the fact that he is getting his own TV show, and it is really cool that DC also got his original creator to also work on this book.
This first issue was a good start for anyone that is interested in this book and does provide an interesting but not heavy-handed commentary. In the book Black Lightning proceeds to stop criminals at two different incidents. The first one goes fine, although some of the criminals get away whilst the second goes horribly wrong. This also introduces us to the main villain Tobias Whale who is shown that he is a force to be taken seriously.
Black Lightning was DC’s first black superhero, so it does make sense that sometimes writers may make a statement about injustice. In the book, some cops don’t like superheroes and some do, which is an obvious analogy for racism. Where the book succeeds in this message is that it never feels heavy-handed, overbearing or even feel like the sole purpose the writer is writing about this character.
In conclusion, I would recommend this as it does start and finish in a really intriguing way. The villain is set up well and we can empathize with the Black Lightning, as he tries to be a hero.

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