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Teen Titans #13

by Batmanaruto on October 25, 2017

Writer: Benjamin Percy
Artist: Khoi Pham
Colorist: Jim Charalampidis
Publisher: DC Comics

I do feel that Benjamin Percy is finally finding his stride with the Teen Titans book and this issue encapsulates what I and many fans love about the Teen Titans. One of the best aspects of the Teen Titans is that they feel like not only friends, but also kind of a family. With this issue it focuses on recruiting Kid Flash back to the Teen Titans and also recruiting Emiko.
The part with Wally is cool, but honestly is dwarfed by the Damian and Emiko pairing. One aspect I really like with the New 52 Wally West in Rebirth is he feels like a character and is genuinely a lot more interesting. Percy also manages to capture this really well as he connects with the Titans in different ways. I really do hope that he re-joins the team.
The Damian and Emiko plot was the best bit of the book. It helps that Percy has been writing Emiko for so long now, so there is no worry that he won’t capture her voice. Damian and Emiko are similar in both origin and personality, and Percy fully embraces that. They play off one another and there is a hint of a potential teenage crush from Damian.
This issue was really strong and really enjoyable. It also features the obscure villain Onomatopoeia, which is really cool to see him pop up, and he has a great plan. As long as Percy continues to focus more on the intimate moments between characters, I think his Teen Titans series could be really great.

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