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Action Comics #990

by Batmanaruto on October 25, 2017

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Viktor Bogdanovic
Colorist: Mike Spicer
Publisher: DC Comics

This was probably the best issue of Oz Effect yet. If you have been keeping up with my reviews you would know that I haven’t been a huge fan of the Oz Effect so far. It has had some high points like Jor-El’s origin, but many low points. I also feel it hasn’t done anything different to usual Superman stories where the villain tries to convince them that he is too good for humanity. This issue throws a spanner in the works.
The first half of the story really encapsulates why people are Superman fans. In many conflicts people love to pick a side, but not acknowledge faults on both sides. In this issue, he stops the conflict by grabbing the leaders of the two sides. He then makes them talk to each other as he proceeds to burn all their weapons. Superman represents the best part of humanity which is why he is a great character. Also since this is well writeen it only helps to elevate the story.
On the other side of the story you have Jor-El speaking to Jon. This is a basically a conversation that recounts Jor-El’s origin and plan briefly to the reader. One aspect I love of the Jor-El character is that he also recognizes the strength of a character like Lois Lane. The conversation doesn’t really tell us any new information, except at the end. At the end, we find out that Jor-El does truly know that Dr Manhatten is behind things and that he is coming.
This throws a spanner in the works as now it is a Jor-El attempting to save his family again, just like he did on Krypton. The only problem with that is he is not looking to save everyone, but just wants to save his family. It also does give a bit more backing towards why he is so against humanity. The origin story was good, but this really improves it.
In conclusion, this was a solid issue of the Oz Effect. I would even dare to say it was the strongest issue so far. One aspect I also love is how Jurgens ties Mr Oz back to the events in the first issue of this new run. As long as the book progresses like this, it could become a really great Superman story.

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