Batman #26

by Batmanaruto on July 05, 2017

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Mikel Janin
Colourist: June Chung
Publisher: DC Comics

After such a fantastic issue two weeks ago I would have to say that I was slightly disappointed with this issue. In the last issue, we had this relationship between the Riddler and the Joker. King showed how these characters were kind of similar, but were also different. There was the strict focus on them and less of a focus on Batman, which is to be expected.
In this issue, it really feels as if King wants to show how inept Batman was when he first started. It makes sense that when he first started he would struggle, but the fact that so many were murdered and Batman seems less like a character which will throw a spanner in the works and more like someone who is one step behind everything. In the last issue, Batman was used just right, at the end, whilst in this one he felt forced.
The joker in this issue basically puts a hit out on Riddler, but uses the Falcone Family to carry out the hit on him. This is Tom King showing the influence that Joker does have in Gotham City, that he can blackmail one of the strongest crime families.
Meanwhile the Riddler is trying to recruit Poison Ivy to his team, the first villain to be recruited by either Joker or Riddler. Riddler actually also then uses Ivy to take out Falcone’s guards, and stop them from killing him.
It is really interesting as King shows the different tactics of Joker and Riddler. Riddler seems to talk people into helping him, whilst Joker forces them, but at the end of the day they can both double-cross you. This was a weaker issue than last time, but still wasn’t bad and I am still really hyped for the War of Jokes and Riddles.

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