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Teen Titans Annual #1

by Batmanaruto on May 31, 2017

Writer:  Benjamin Percy, Christopher Priest, Dan Abnett  
Artist: Paul Pelletier, Khoi Pham, Brett Booth
Colourist: Adriano Lucas, Jim Charalampidis, Andrew Dalhouse
Publisher: DC Comics 

You know so far on this crossover I thought it was just fine. Not bad, but not really amazing. For me with this issue that all changed. This issue was really a solid conclusion to the crossover.
The first part kind of goes over a bit more history regarding Grant. This was particularly well done as before it seemed the kids that Grant met last issue was purely random, instead they were workers of Hive and were trying to get to Deathstroke. It does make you feel for Grant even when he grows up as he is really just a route to his father, and kind of shows how even when he is not around Deathstroke his life is still affected by Deathstroke. This does highlight and give a bit more background to Deathstroke’s motive.
As for the Titans and Teen Titans we see them work together to get Deathstroke back so that he doesn’t affect the timeline. As Beast Boy points out that it was a job for the Justice League as it affected everyone. The way in which they get Deathstroke back and also get him out of the speed force is really cool as they combine their abilities. It is something that is a cool idea but is rarely implemented.
The original Judas Contract really focused on Dick Grayson, and most would expect the second one to focus on him or maybe even Damian, however the writers really focus on the new Wally. He seems to have a strong sense of justice which is different to everyone else, which is interesting especially with the same idea being implemented with Spoiler. It actually validates him joining Deathstroke and really progresses the character.
In conclusion, it was a really strong crossover overall. Even the aftermath of this crossover does show that these 3 books will not be the same ever again. It will be really interesting to see how writers progress these new ideas.

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