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Teen Titans #8

by Batmanaruto on May 17, 2017

Writer:  Benjamin Percy, Christopher Priest, Dan Abnett, 
Artist: Khoi Pham
Colourist: Jim Charalampidis
Publisher: DC Comics 

Last issue left off with both Wallys being captured by Deathstroke, which basically set up the confrontation that happens between the Teen Titans and the Titans in this issue. This issue also adds another spanner to the works as it is revealed that Dick Grayson is keeping a secret from his team.
Damian Wayne is probably one of the most controversial characters in all of comics. A lot of people like him, but a lot of people hate him. I personally find myself to be in the like camp as I think the character is cocky just enough, that it is really funny. I was looking forward to the interactions between Damian and the Titans, and although short since they have to juggle every other character as well, the interactions met my expectations.
The main element of this issue I personally feel is about trust. There are various cases where heroes are forced to trust each other, where a hero trusts a random person and where people’s trust is betrayed. As much as this is a Deathstroke focused event, I would also say that also extends to New 52 Wally West, as it seems the character is having a real crisis of faith, as the character feels like he cannot trust anyone. It is that factor that Deathstroke preys on and in the end, he gets what he wants, which is a method to get his son back.
With three writers it is easy to think that too many cooks would spoil the broth, but I have to honestly say that the crossover feels really balanced. It feels as if the writers are using each issue to focus on one theme each. In the first issue it was really about rebirth and bringing things back and with this one it is trust. As long as they keep this up it could be really effective and make for a great crossover.

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