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Flash #22

by Batmanaruto on May 17, 2017

Writer: Joshua Williamson 
Artist: Howard Porter
Colourist: Hi-Fi
Publisher: DC Comics

We first had the Reverse Flash fight Batman, then he died mysteriously. Then Batman and Flash used the cosmic treadmill to travel to the Flashpoint Universe. In the Flashpoint Universe Bruce was finally able to talk to his father and now Batman and Flash have met Reverse Flash before he died. With this crossover, I was really hoping that it would finish strong and I’m happy to say that for the most part it really does achieve this. With this issue, it is really set up the future event that Geoff Johns is writing, but still does enough to standalone from this.
So, Batman and Flash are trying to chase after the Reverse Flash, and stop him from dying whilst he is in the time stream. In this short moment, you really see how Williamson is able to capture the hubris nature of the Reverse Flash. He acts very cocky as he describes how he will ruin Flash’s life and it is particularly interesting when he suggests that he would become the Flash’s foster dad. In that moment, I was literally thinking that would make a really cool elseworld book. The rest of the part really leads up to Reverse Flash dying, and lends itself a lot more to the watchmen mystery.
Whilst this chase was happening there was a mysterious person that was narrating the book. The person was trying to get back into the DC Universe the same way Wally West did, in DC Universe #1. The person manages to rescue Batman and Flash after the Cosmic Treadmill starts to break up and it is revealed to be none other than Jay Garrick. He is back in the DC Universe, however unfortunately Barry doesn’t remember him and he is not enough of a lightning rod so he goes back into the time stream never to be seen again.
So far DC have really been hinting at a JSA book and Legions of Superheroes book, and it seems that they are really trying to drag this thing out. My only hope for this, is that if we do finally get these books, they will live up to the wait as both teams contain some really cool characters.
The epilogue I have to say is really the strongest part of the whole issue. I won’t spoil it, but all I will say is that the art by Howard Porter and the colors from Hi-Fi really bring this scene to life. What it hints at really cool change the DC Universe forever and in a really cool and different way.
In conclusion, the creative teams on all 4 of these books really managed to pull off a really great crossover, especially with a second half that was so strong. It really does set up for the next thing that is coming and gets the reader excited for the future of the DC Universe, whilst telling its own amazing story.

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