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Action Comics #979

by Batmanaruto on May 10, 2017

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Patch Zircher
Colourist: Hi-Fi
Publisher: DC Comics

This is the first arc after Superman Reborn has wrapped up with the re-telling of Clark’s new origin and how the DC Universe has shaped around him. So far in the previous issues we have seen this mysterious figure which has later been revealed to be Hank Henshaw, assemble his group of villains. With this issue, it definitely focuses a lot more on the group of villains that the Superman family as Lois and Clark are just buying a house in Metropolis after the events of the latest Superman arc.
Speaking of the latest Superman arc, it is really cool to see how DC but especially the Superman books are keeping in continuity with one another. Not only with Superman and Action Comics, but here in this issue we get a reference to the last Manapaul arc of Trinity as Mongul is still tied up in the white mercy plant.
The first time we saw Hank Henshaw was in Superman: Lois and Clark, where Clark was not so sure whether or not he was Cyborg Superman. In that story, it later on goes to establish that since the new 52 world is a different world, then maybe he is not Cyborg Superman. Henshaw even goes on to later help Superman against Blanque. Also in the first arc of Supergirl she faces off against Cyborg Superman, who turns out to be her father. Well it is revealed in this issue that he is in fact Cyborg Superman.
This is a really interesting idea since we are not sure if he was always Cyborg Superman or if Reborn changed that. He attacked the Superman base before Reborn which would imply it was before, however since Reborn aligns a lot of concepts with the pre-New-52, then was he changed by Reborn. This is a really interesting question as it begs to ask what more is either hidden or changed by Reborn.
In all honesty in an issue that basically acted like a zero issue for this arc it was pretty good and definitely has me really excited as Zod is being brought in. The work that Jurgens is doing with this current Superman book is really amazing and it doesn't hurt that he has had some really amazing artists and this issue is no different. This is definitely competing with the other Superman book for best Superman title.

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