2000AD prog #2172 review

by Alexander Cole on March 15, 2020

2000AD prog 2172
Publisher: Rebellion
Writers: Kenneth Niemand, Dan Abnett, Peter Hogan, Brendan McCarthy, James Peaty
Artists: Jake Lynch, Steve Yeowell, Brendan McCarthy, Paul Marshall, Richard Elson
Colourists: Jim Boswell, John Charles, Brendan McCarthy, Len O'Grady, Dylan Teague, Richard Elson, Joe Elson
Letterer: Annie Parkhouse, Simon Bowland, Jim Campbell

Judge Dredd: The Relic Part Two
Continuing on from last prog we see the alien “Qgggl” escaping his confinement to take back his grandfathers remains from the museum he was arrested at last prog, granted he takes a more violent approach this time. It’s a decent chapter and Qgggl continues to be a likeable character. I can see this story ending in tragedy when he inevitably earns the wrath of the judges but it’s been an entertaining story so it’s well worth the read.
Sinister Dexter: The Frighteners Part One
Sinister Dexter makes their return this issue with the first part of a new story. Here we see Sinister attempting to convince a funhouse owner to sell their property, eventually resorting to violence to try and accomplish this goal. Throughout the story he’s on the phone to an injured Dexter who’ll no doubt have to play a more active role by the end of the story given the cliffhanger ending of this chapter. It was a solid start to this story with decent artwork and hopefully it’ll maintain that good quality. I enjoyed it.
The Zaucer of Zilk: A Zaucerful of Secrets Part Ten
In the latest Zaucer of Zilk chapter we get an explanation for the goth girl from last prog. Somewhat predictably she turns out to be an older version of the Zaucer’s daughter Tutu. We get some exposition explaining her backstory and while it’s fairly cliched the characters in the chapter poke fun at this a little which makes it more tolerable. It’s not a bad chapter mind you, just a bit unimaginative given how insane this series generally is. The art is as vibrant as usual though so that helps keep it entertaining. Hopefully the creativity will pick up a bit more in the next segment of the story.
Skip Tracer: Nimrod Part Two
This issue kicks off with Abe being surprised when Nolan shows up with an injured Hastings in his arms. We get a flashback to where the last chapter ended with Blake meeting Hastings in the middle of a bar when suddenly they’re attacked by the titular villain called Nimrod which leads to Hastings’ injury. It’s a good chapter to the story and it does a good job building up the main villain of the piece so I’m excited to see what happens when we see Skip Tracer again in the next prog.
Feral & Foe Part Ten
Feral and Foe follows up from its last chapter with our lead characters delivering the body of the wyrm they slayed in the hopes of being forgiven for their part in the last of all war. Naturally that doesn’t happen and they’re sent off to hunt yet another foul, timorous beastie in exchange for their freedom. It’s another decent chapter for what’s been a solid story overall but I’m concerned about the pacing. I really feel like we should be getting close to the ending of this storyline by this point and Feral & Foe setting out on yet another mission doesn’t seem like it’ll lead to that. Still, I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt and we’ll see what happens in the next instalment.
In summary this was a solid prog. It was cool to see some new Sinister Dexter material and all the ongoing stories seem to be going fairly well. The Zaucer of Zilk and Feral & Foe are showing signs that they may be running out of ideas but hopefully that won’t be the case. It was a good read though, even if this prog wasn’t as filled with thrillpower as I’d have hoped.

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