2000AD prog #2171 review

by Alexander Cole on March 09, 2020

2000AD Prog 2171
Publisher: Rebellion
Script: Kenneth Niemand, Michael Carroll, James Peaty, Peter Hogan, Brendan McCarthy, Dan Abnett
Art: Jake Lynch, Henry Flint, Paul Marshall, Brendan McCarthy, Richard Elson
Colours: Jim Boswell, Dylan Teague, Len O’Grady, Brendan McCarthy, Richard Elson, Joe Elson
Letters: Annie Parkhouse, Simon Bowland, Jim Campbell

Judge Dredd: The Relic
This prog starts off with an enjoyable little story about an alien visiting Mega City One in order to pick up a dead relatives body. It’s a somewhat dark tale focusing on the discrimination that the citizens of Mega City One show to alien lifeforms. It’s sad but it’s an interesting read and the artwork is solid. I think the thing that struck me the most about this story is how the way it ends hints at future developments with this alien. I’ll be interested to see what happens with it.
Proteus Vex part nine
In the latest instalment of Proteus Vex we see the result of the assault on the Mammonshadow. Proteus has finally got Rho Baryon in his sights and it’s a good chapter. There isn’t much action but there’s some nice suspense built through the narration of Proteus’ actions in this issue that’ll hopefully lead to something big down the line.
Skip Tracer: Nimrod part one
Skip Tracer returns this prog with the chapter starting with a flashback of Nolan Blake as part of a band of shock troopers massacring an alien species. Suddenly Nolan is attacked by one of the alien survivors and we’re back in the present day where he gets a sudden message from Abe claiming to have found someone Nolan had been looking for. It’s a decent enough start to a new Skip Tracer story and the art by Paul Marshall is superb. I’m looking forward to reading more of it in future progs.
The Zaucer of Zilk: Part Nine
In this latest instalment we see the Zaucer come across Crissymouth who has been attacked by a mysterious spoon-wielding goth girl. Naturally the zaucer confronts her and it leads to a big revelation that’ll no doubt impact future entries in this series. This is a good chapter even if it feels somewhat shorter than it should and as always I’m enjoying the art on display. Can’t wait to see what happens next.
Feral & Foe: Part Nine
In the newest chapter of Feral & Foe we see Bode being threatened by the tank called Orsola> At the same time Wrath has to convince the talking sword that’s grafted itself to her arm into helping her slay the rather large wyrm attempting to eat them. It’s a fun but simple read with a humorous climax. I’ve really enjoyed Feral & Foe so far. It’s one of the somewhat rare modern 2000AD stories that’s strong throughout each chapter and aside from Dredd I’d have to call it the highlight of the book right now.
This was a decent prog. The Dredd one-shot was a good start to the book and it’s nice seeing Skip Tracer back. It definitely felt like this prog was more about setting up material for future chapters in each series but it was entertaining enough to make up for that. Definitely worth a read.

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