2000AD prog #2169 review

by Alexander Cole on February 18, 2020

2000AD prog 2169
Publisher: Rebellion
Writers: Kenneth Niemand, Dan Abnett, Peter Hogan, Brendan McCarthy, Michael Carroll
Artists: Tom Foster, Inj Culbard, Brendan McCarthy, Henry Flint, Richard Elson
Colourists: Chris Blythe, Brendan McCarthy, Len O’Grady, Richard Elson, Joe Elson
Letterers: Annie Parkhouse, Simon Bowland, Jim Campbell

Judge Dredd: Cold case
In this weeks prog Judge Dredd starts on a new case, a cold case. In this case a double homicide from right before the apocalypse war. It’s a good story that features a brief appearance from a Dredd character from long ago. There’s no great mystery or action in this tale but it’s one of those rare stories where you get the sense that Dredd is being motivated by his emotional connection to another character rather than just his desire to uphold the law.

Brink: Hate box part 20
Next we have chapter 20 of Brink. In this latest part we see Bridget visiting her mother after her interview with Holly Cutwell last prog. It mostly focuses on Bridger reading a book to her mother so it’s fairly uneventful but It’s a lovely little ending to book 4 of the series.

The Zaucer of Zilk: A zaucerful of zecrets part 8
In the latest instalment of The Zaucer of Zilk we see our titular Zaucer interrogating T’tooth to find out who hypnotised him into carrying out the attack of the fancy pants last prog. It’s a decent enough chapter of this extremely inventive story and the art continues to be incredibly charming. Sadly we won’t be seeing the next chapter for another 2 weeks after this but I’m certainly looking forward to it.

Proteus Vex: Another dawn part 8
Michael Carroll’s Proteus Vex series continues in this prog, although like the Zaucer it won’t be around for another 2 weeks afterwards. In this part we see Vex launch a bloody assault on the Mammonshadow in pursuit of one Rho Baryon. The art and action in this segment rocks and I love the way the narration is used to move the battle forward. I can’t wait to see what happens next with Proteus.

Feral & Foe: Part 8
Finally we have part eight of Dan Abnett’s Feral & Foe. In this Prog Priya, her sword Mawsteel and the malchemist Bode are attempting to recruit a tank so that they can hunt a large wyrm. It’s a fun read. I’ll probably never get sick of watching Priya and her talking sword bicker like an old married couple and there’s a great little twist at the end which left me wondering what will happen when the story resumes in a couple weeks.

Overall 2169 was a good prog. It’s a little disappointing that I’m going to be waiting a fortnight for the next entries in most of these stories but the writers have kept the tales engaging so I don’t mind too much as long as they maintain the high quality. I’d definitely recommend picking this prog up.

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