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Doctor Strange #382

by Michael D on December 06, 2017

Writer:  Donny Cates
Artist: Gabriel Hernandez Walta
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Publisher: Marvel

Doctor Strange has become one of the most interesting titles since this creative team has jumped aboard. Cates has turned Strange’s world upside down in the timespan of one issue. We find him in a very vulnerable and desperate place by the end. There is also a surprise ending that shows that Cates isn’t afraid to shake up the Marvel Universe.

Doctor Strange, Veterinarian Supreme would have been a fitting title for this book. I’m going to be honest; I’d love to read a book of a magically powered veterinarian fixing pets. It’s something I didn’t know would work until Cates took over. His Strange tries to make the most out of the situation to very humorous effect. He also introduces a break out character by the name of Bats, the dog. By the end of the issue, you will fall in love with Bats and it’s a real testament to Cates’ strength as a writer.

Although we see Strange trying his best, it’s clear that he is not in a good place. One heartbreaking scene shows the cracks in Strange and as a result he takes some drastic measures. Cates is able to write a convincing Strange in both scenarios. I am enjoying the voice he has given Strange more so than the previous half of this runs. The wise cracking jokes are gone, which, while I enjoyed, I never absolutely bought.

Walta and Bellaire have a strong showing this issue. While the issue mostly revolves around people talking with little action, they still make it something worth looking at. I can’t wait for them to unleash something wild, which I’m sure will be next issue. One thing worth noting is that sometimes Walta’s faces can seem a bit rigid and stiff.

This creative team has a clear road map with, what seems to be, plenty of crazy stops. This issue proves that Cates can hit those character beats. The surprise at the end will surely lead to a crazy action packed issue next month where Walta and Bellaire can flex their creative muscles. This team has turned Doctor Strange into a title that every Marvel fan should be reading.

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