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Batman #36

by Batmanaruto on December 06, 2017

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Clay Mann
Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
Publisher: DC Comics

I personally feel that when it comes to Tom King he really excels in writing characters that are in relationships. That is one of the many strengths of his Vision series, his Mister Miracle series and now his Batman series. The best direction of this Batman series that King has made was for him to allow Batman and Catwoman to get engaged.
This issue doesn’t only focus on the relationship between Bruce and Selina and Lois and Clark, but also the relationship between Batman and Superman. The characters are friends but both would have a hard time admitting that to one another. For Superman he wants to respect Batman’s privacy and for Batman he actually wants Superman to reach out to him. This refers back to the annual last week in which Batman basically said that he realizes that he likes being alone until he actually is alone.
The dialogue is also really fun, as King gives both couples distinctive voices, but at the heart they are both playful. It also highlights the role of the women in both Batman’s and Superman’s lives as they are their other halves and they complement them well. This is really heightened with Clay Mann’s art and the way in which he arranges panels.
When it comes to Tom King’s Batman whenever I feel that I’m out he finds a way to bring me back in and to get excited for what is happening in the future. As long as King continues to focus on the importance of the relationship, I don’t see why the book won’t keep getting better and better.

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