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by Doug Warren on December 06, 2017

Writer (and Art page 1-4) Wes Craig
Artist Toby Cypress
Colors Niko Guardia
Letters and Design Jared K. Fletcher
Publisher Image Comics

With the first issue, I could tell this series was good. But, it just didn’t pull me into the world and capture my attention like I hoped it would. Well, the second issue took care of that problem.

The “story so far” section lets us know that the Black Temple is behind all of the supernatural shenanigans going on, and to defeat them, the Gravediggers must break union rules and go to a witch for help. But Gravediggers and witches openly hate each other.

The meeting between the Gravediggers and Morphea the witch fills a lot of pages in the book, but that’s okay. It not only gives us crucial information, but is entertaining enough. After the introduction though, I thought the hate between the Gravediggers and Morphea would be palpable. But, it wasn’t. I didn’t feel a whole lot of tension in that scene, but that’s all right. In fact, it makes a little bit of sense. They hate each other, but they don’t want the world to be destroyed by the Black Temple. I think that could make me forget my hate as well.

After the meeting, we see one of the Gravedigger’s (Cole) estranged daughter facing the board of the Black Temple. We were told in the introduction that she was the centerpiece of the Black Temple’s plan, and how this plays out will determine where the whole series goes from here
The artwork is still incredible. Cypress’s unique shading techniques give the book its feel, and Guardia’s colors do a prefect job of bringing it to life.

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