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Covers of the week for 1/10/2018

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Happy New Comic Book Day!! I'm pleased to present our 10 favorite covers for the week of January 10th 2018 in no particular order.
  • Old Man Logan #33 by Mike Deodato Jr
  • Daredevil #597 by Dan Mora
  • Ms. Marvel #26 by Valerio Schiti
  • Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #18 by Karnome Shirahama
  • Supergirl #17 by Stanley Artgerm Lau
  • Judas #2 by Jeremy Bastian
  • Pheonix Resurrection the Return of Jean Grey #3 by Stephanie Hans
  • New Super-Man #19 by Philip Tan
  • Grass Kings #11 by Tyler Jenkins
  • Rocko’s Modern Life #2 by Miguel Mercado