Official Press Release - Son of God

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“A bizarre one-shot comic that takes the reader on a surreal journey through a city of sin.”

The story follows the character Armand who sees the darker side of his city that people ignore every day. He sets out on a mission to cleanse the world of these sins but his past catches up to him and realities bleed together. Will Armand succeed in his mission? or will he let his inner demons get the better of him?


SON OF GOD is a passion project written by Cedrick Lui, an Ottawa local, in an effort to bend perspectives and challenge perceptions on everyday life. This comic takes full advantage of the beautifully intricate art of C.H. Kim to deliver stunning and outright odd visuals. 


The goal of the comic was to complete a satisfying one-shot that offers detailed art that can be appreciated on multiple read-throughs. It will have a print release to be followed with a web release with online distributors and comixology submit.

The official release date is set for August 9th. The digital copy can be found at on release date and will be on Indyplanet and Comixology Submit at later dates.  If you live in the Ottawa area, you can pick up a physical print copy at The Comic Book Shoppe Clyde and Bank locations.

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To get into contact or receive a review copy of SON OF GOD, please send an email to:


Twitter: @cedricklui