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Happy St-Paddy's Day!! Name your favorite Hulk moment/story

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In keeping with a green St-Paddy's day theme let's make a list of our favorite Hulk moments/storylines!


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Not being the most avid Hulk reader my knowledge is limited on this matter but I really did enjoy Planet Hulk. Thought it was a lot of fun and had a pretty interesting storyline. With the new Mark Waid reboot I've been more intrigued with the character and will go back and read some of classic Hulk storylines this year.

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That is a very good Hulk story. For me in doesn’t get any better than Peter David’s amazing 12 year Incredible Hulk run, particularly when Bruce Banner, through the help of hypnosis, merges the old green Hulk’s strength with the grey Hulk’s (Mr. Fixit) attitude which results with a larger, stronger & permanent green Hulk with Bruce Banner’s personality. The stories unfold with the meeting & joining of the group known as the Pantheon with terrific illustrations by fan favourites like Dale Keown & Gary Frank.